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T-cell hybridoma secreting hemopoietic regulatory molecules: granulocyte-macrophage and eosinophil colony-stimulating factors.

M Howard, A Burgess, D McPhee, D Metcalf

Cell | Published : 1979


Murine spleen cells stimulated in vitro with pokeweed mitogen were fused with a HAT-sensitive AKR thymoma (BW5147) to produce T-cell hybridomas secreting hemopoietic colony-stimulating factors (CSFs). A stable cloned T-cell hybridoma has been isolated which expressed the H-2 antigens of both fusion parents, has a median chromosome number of 56 and secretes a factor(s) which stimulates the growth of granulocyte-macrophage and eosinophil colonies. The CSF-secreting hybridoma exhibited only the Thy 1.1 associated with the parent tumor, but no markers normally associated with normal T-cells or macrophages were detected. No CSF was secreted by the parent tumor line, but the hybridoma-conditioned ..

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