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The measurement of antibody affinity: a comparison of five techniques utilizing a panel of monoclonal anti-DNP antibodies and the effect of high affinity antibody on the measurement of low affinity antibody.

C Stanley, AM Lew, MW Steward

Journal of Immunological Methods | Published : 1983


The affinities of 9 IgG1 monoclonal anti-dinitrophenol (DNP) antibodies for 3H-epsilon-DNP-L-lysine, 125I-HOP-DNP-L-lysine and 125I-DNP-human serum albumin (HSA) were determined. 3H-DNP-lysine was used in equilibrium dialysis and ammonium sulphate globulin precipitation assays; 125I-HOP-DNP-lysine was used in equilibrium dialysis and polyethylene glycol precipitation; and 125I-DNP5-HSA in the polyethylene glycol precipitation assay for affinity. The ranking order of the monoclonal antibodies in terms of affinity by the assays was significantly correlated. Of particular importance was the observation that the simple and widely applicable globulin precipitation assay utilizing a protein antige..

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