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Thy-1 dendritic epidermal cells express T3 antigen and the T-cell receptor gamma chain.

G Stingl, F Koning, H Yamada, WM Yokoyama, E Tschachler, JA Bluestone, G Steiner, LE Samelson, AM Lew, JE Coligan

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A | Published : 1987


The murine epidermis is a heterogeneous epithelium composed of keratinocytes, melanocytes, Langerhans cells, and a recently described subpopulation (2-3%) of bone-marrow-derived leukocytes with a dendritic morphology and the cell surface phenotype Thy-1+, L3T4-, Lyt-2-. Previous studies have demonstrated that cell lines derived from freshly explanted Thy-1+ dendritic epidermal cells (DEC) have abundant mRNA for rearranged T-cell receptor (TCR) gamma-chain genes. Analysis of Thy-1+ DEC in situ, freshly isolated cell suspensions of Thy-1+ DEC, and long-term Thy-1+ DEC lines demonstrated that 100% of the Thy-1+ DEC reacted with a monoclonal antibody to the epsilon chain of the murine T3 complex..

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