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Analysis of T-cell receptor gamma chain expression in the thymus.

DM Pardoll, AM Lew, WL Maloy, BJ Fowlkes, A Kruisbeek, JA Bluestone, RH Schwartz, JE Coligan

Adv Exp Med Biol | Published : 1987


While much is known about the structure and function of the T-cell receptor (TCR) alpha beta heterodimer, information has just begun to emerge about the gamma protein, the product of a third rearranging T-cell receptor gene. We describe the use of antiserum to a carboxy-terminal peptide common to several of the murine gamma chain constant regions and a monoclonal antibody to the murine T3 complex to identify products of this T-cell receptor gene family in a subpopulation of Lyt2-, L3T4- thymocytes. The gamma chain has a molecular weight of 35kD, is disulfide bonded to a 45kD partner termed delta (delta) and is associated with the T3 complex. The cells that bear this second T-cell receptor ap..

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