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Class II restriction in mice to the malaria candidate vaccine ring infected erythrocyte surface antigen (RESA) as synthetic peptides or as expressed in recombinant vaccinia.

AM Lew, CJ Langford, D Pye, S Edwards, L Corcoran, RF Anders

The Journal of Immunology | Published : 1989


The immune response to three peptides corresponding to the repeat regions of the malaria candidate vaccine ring infected E surface Ag (RESA) were studied. Both antibody responses and lymphocyte stimulation in mice injected with these peptides without carrier were found to be restricted to certain MHC class II haplotypes. Mice bearing IAk were strong responders to all three peptides. Mice bearing IAd were strong responders only to the 3' repeat peptides, the octamer and tetramer. Mice bearing Is or Iq did not respond to any repeat peptides. Remarkably, the pattern of genetic restriction of the antibody response to the entire RESA as expressed in vaccinia indicated that there were no other epi..

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