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Are physiological attributes of jockeys predictors of falls? A pilot study

P Hitchens, L Blizzard, G Jones, L Day, J Fell



Objectives This pilot study describes the physiological attributes of jockeys and track-work riders in Tasmania and investigates whether these attributes are associated with falls. Methods All jockeys and track-work riders licensed in Tasmania were invited to participate. The study group consisted of eight jockeys (two female, six male) and 20 track-work riders (14 female, six male). Measures of anthropometry, balance, reaction time, isometric strength, vertical jump, glycolytic and aerobic fitness, flexibility and body composition were conducted. Tests were designed to assess specific aspects of rider fitness and performance relevant to horse racing. For a subset of participants (n=14), the..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Funding Acknowledgements

The research team thank Betfair Australasia, TOTE Tasmania and the Tasmanian Thoroughbred Racing Council for funding in support of this study. Protocols to assess physiological parameters were developed in consultation with the Tasmanian Jockeys' Association. We acknowledge Racing Information Services Australia, for provision of race data, Racing Services Tasmania, for provision of stewards' reports, and T Albion, for database support.