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Nasal aerodynamics and coarticulation in Bininj Kunwok: Smoothing Spline Analysis of Variance

H STOAKES, J Fletcher, AR Butcher, C Carignan (ed.), M Tyler (ed.)

Proceedings of the Sixteenth Australasian International Conference on Speech Science and Technology | ASSTA | Published : 2016


Nasal phonemes are well represented within the lexicon of BininjKunwok.1 Thisstudyexaminesintervocalic,wordmedial nasals and reports patterns of coarticulation using a Smooth- ing Spline Analysis of Variance (SSANOVA). This allows for detailed comparisons of peak nasal airflow across six female speakers of the language. Results show that in a VNV sequence there is very little anticipatory vowel nasalisation and greater carryover into a following vowel. The maximum peak nasal flow is delayed for coronals when compared to the onset of oral closure in the nasal, indicating a delayed velum opening gesture. The velar place of articulation is the exception to this pattern with some limited anticip..

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