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The Pope House Williamstown: A case of adverse possession in 1840s Melbourne


Provenance: The journal of Public Record Office Victoria | Public Record Office Victoria | Published : 2013


The history of a derelict house in Aitken Street, Williamstown is an intriguing story of adverse possession. The Pope family, who had lived in the house since about 1842, claimed ownership by adverse possession in 1887 when they decided to sell the property. Victorian law then and now allows for the acquisition of land belonging to another person: the latest successful claim of adverse possession was in 2002, and some of the elements of proving the case are common to both stories. In 2006 the current owner of the Aitken Street property wanted to realise his asset by demolishing the house and selling the valuable land, but Hobson’s Bay Council could not grant permission until it had been esta..

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