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Encoding of low-quality DNA profiles as genotype probability matrices for improved profile comparisons, relatedness evalation and database searches (Vol 227, pg 239, 2016)

K Ryan, D Gareth Williams, David J Balding

Forensic Science International Genetics | ELSEVIER IRELAND LTD | Published : 2017


The publisher regrets that there was an error on page 232 of the published article, where equation AA was missing. The equation is given here, together with equations AB and AC for reference. Page 234: The first line of Appendix A. Theorem 1. should read: “Given GPMs G1 and G2 representing epgs E1 and E2 respectively, and hypotheses”. Page 235, col 1, line 6: “ (Appendices A-3)” should read “Equation A-3”. Page 235, column 1, Appendix B, Section 1.1 Child, the figure was reproduced incorrectly. The correct version is included here. Page 236, column 1, the graphic was incorrectly reproduced without fraction bars. The correct version is reproduced here: The publisher would like to apologise fo..

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