Book Chapter

Pulp Fiction: The Sea Peoples and the Study of ‘Mycenaean’ Archaeology in Philistia

LA HITCHCOCK, AM Maeir, J Driessen

Aegis | Presses universitaires de Louvain | Published : 2016


In this paper we review and consider the relationship between Mycenaean and Philistine archaeology, outlining the historical and recent treatment of this relationship. We conclude that the polarized views that the Philistines were Mycenaean colonists, or alternatively had no connection with the Mycenaeans, still reifies long held, polarized narratives, while also mirroring the interaction (or in many cases, lack thereof) between archaeologists working in Philistia and in the Aegean. With a handful of notable exceptions, many archaeologists work in one place or the other and remain immersed in the literature of one place or the other. In addition, scholars working in their respective areas te..

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