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Islet-cell antibodies in malnutrition-related diabetes mellitus from North India

P Dabadghao, E Bhatia, V Bhatia, K Jayaraj, PG Colman

Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice | ELSEVIER SCI IRELAND LTD | Published : 1996


The etiology of malnutrition-related diabetes mellitus (MRDM)--protein-deficient pancreatic diabetes (PDPD) and fibro-calculous pancreatic diabetes (FCPD)-is unclear. We studied the role of autoimmunity against pancreatic islet cells in the etiology of these two subtypes of MRDM by measuring islet-cell antibodies (ICA) in 23 patients with PDPD, 25 with FCPD and 62 with Type 1 diabetes. Three patients (13%) with PDPD had detectable ICA. Including a patient with a high titre of ICA (> 80 JDF units). The frequency of ICA in patients with PDPD was significantly lower than subjects with Type 1 diabetes (22/62, 35%; P < 0.05). Among patients studied at onset. ICA prevalence was lower in the PDPD p..

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