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Improved specificity of ICA assays in the Fourth International Immunology of Diabetes Serum Exchange Workshop.

CJ Greenbaum, JP Palmer, S Nagataki, Y Yamaguchi, JL Molenaar, WA Van Beers, NK MacLaren, A Lernmark

Diabetes | Published : 1992


The goal of the Fourth International Workshop for Standardization of ICA Measurements was to determine the specificity of ICA assays and their ability to distinguish between control sera (n = 57) and sera from IDDM-related individuals--representing relatives of IDDM patients (n = 21), healthy individuals who later developed IDDM (n = 8), or newly diagnosed IDDM patients (n = 23). Results from 28 laboratories were analyzed. The mean specificity (percentage of control sera reported as negative) among 27 laboratories was 91%, including 6 laboratories with 100% specificity. Nevertheless, 78% of laboratories found at least one control sample > 0 JDF U. Among samples from first-degree relatives, t..

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