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Combined use of autoantibodies (IA-2) autoantibody, GAD autoantibody, insulin autoantibody, cytoplasmic islet cell antibodies) in type 1 diabetes - Combinatorial Islet Autoantibody Workshop

CF Verge, D Stenger, E Bonifacio, PG Colman, C Pilcher, PJ Bingley, GS Eisenbarth

Diabetes | AMER DIABETES ASSOC | Published : 1998


The aim of this workshop was to assess the ability of individual autoantibody (ab) assays and their use in combination to discriminate between type 1 diabetic and control sera. Coded aliquots of sera were measured in a total of 119 assays by 49 participating laboratories in 17 countries. The sera were from 51 patients with new onset type 1 diabetes and 101 healthy control subjects with no family history of diabetes. In the final analysis, data on diabetic sera were restricted to 43 subjects younger than age 30 years. The laboratories were asked to report results for these sera using their currently available anti-islet autoantibody assays. In addition, they were asked to combine information ..

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