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Ising model susceptibility amplitudes. II. Three-dimensional lattices

AJ Guttmann

Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General | Published : 1975


For Pt.1 see ibid., vol.8, no.8, p.1236 of 1975. Amplitudes for a number of three-dimensional Ising model series have been estimated from recently extended series expansions. The amplitudes have then been used to re-estimate the field and temperature scaling parameters that are fundamental to the Generalized Law of Corresponding States. These new scaling parameters have been used (i) to estimate the amplitudes of the next most singular term in the high-temperature susceptibility for the four common three-dimensional lattices, and (ii) to show that an earlier conjecture, that the field scaling parameter nx is the same for the Ising and spherical models, is unlikely to hold.

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