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The high-temperature susceptibility and spin-spin correlation function of the three-dimensional ising model

AJ Guttmann

Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General | Published : 1987


The series analysis protocol developed in a preceding paper (ibid., vol.20, p.1839, 1987) is applied to the susceptibility and correlation function of the three-dimensional Ising model. For the spin-1/2 Ising data, the author argues that the protocol needs modification to take account of trends in the data, which trends arise from the nature of the series. In this way the author obtains gamma =1.239+or-0.003 for all cubic lattices and for a variety of spin values. The diamond lattice data lies outside this range, and it is argued that this series is effectively far shorter than the others. The author also estimates nu =0.632+0.002-0.003 for the BCC lattice and obtains critical point estimate..

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