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Prediction of urban residential end-use water demands by integrating known and unknown water demand drivers at multiple scales II: Model application and validation

K Rathnayaka, H Malano, M Arora, B George, S Maheepala, B Nawarathna

Resources Conservation and Recycling | ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV | Published : 2017


Detailed prediction of end-use water demand at multiple spatial and temporal scales is essential for planning urban water supply using multiple water sources based on fit-for-purpose criteria. This paper presents the application of a stochastic model to predict urban residential end-use water demands at multiple spatial and temporal scales. The model includes an improved representation of spatial and temporal variability of urban residential water use by considering the effect of a significant number of water demand drivers such as household size, dwelling type, appliance efficiency, availability of water end-uses/appliances at dwellings, presence of children, presence of people at home, diu..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We would like to thank Yarra Valley Water and City West Water for providing their valuable data sets for this study. Australian government (Research Training Scheme) and Australian Postgraduate Award are also acknowledged for their financial contribution in this research. Special thanks to Mr. Peter Roberts from Yarra Valley Water for his valuable guidance and support for this research.