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Fifteen Men on a Dead Seren’s Chest: Yo Ho Ho and a Krater of Wine

LA Hitchcock, AM Maeir

Context and Connection: Studies on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East in Honour of Antonio Sagona | Peeters | Published : 2018


Recent research by the authors using accounts of pirate culture in historical times and studies of pirate geography, proposed an interpretive framework for understanding the Sea Peoples as pirates who plundered some of the great centres of the Bronze Age, before settling in various parts of the Mediterranean. Furthermore we have suggested that at least some of their leaders assumed the title seren, derived from the Indo-European title tarwanis, meaning warlord or military leader. As in historical eras, we suggested that the tribes of the Sea Peoples were made up of individuals from ethnically and culturally mixed backgrounds that coalesced around particular Aegean symbols in order to form a ..

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