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Improving Personalized Trip Recommendation by Avoiding Crowds

Xiaoting Wang, Christopher Leckie, Jeffrey Chan, Kwan Hui Lim, Tharshan Vaithianathan

Proceedings of the 25th ACM International on Conference on Information and Knowledge Management | Association for Computing Machinery | Published : 2016


There has been a growing interest in recommending trips for tourists using location-based social networks. The challenge of trip recommendation not only lies in searching for relevant points-of-interest (POIs) to form a personalized trip, but also selecting the best time of day to visit the POIs. Popular POIs can be too crowded during peak times, resulting in long queues and delays. In this work, we propose the Personalized Crowd-aware Trip Recommendation (PersCT) algorithm to recommend personalized trips that also avoid the most crowded times of the POIs. We model the problem as an extension of the Orienteering Problem with multiple constraints. We extract user interests by collaborative fi..

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