Conference Proceedings

Constraint propagation and explanation over novel types by abstract compilation

G Gange, PJ Stuckey

OpenAccess Series in Informatics | Schloss Dagstuhl | Published : 2016


© Graeme Gange and Peter J. Stuckey. The appeal of constraint programming (CP) lies in compositionality - the ability to mix and match constraints as needed. However, this flexibility typically does not extend to the types of variables. Solvers usually support only a small set of pre-defined variable types, and extending this is not typically a simple exercise: not only must the solver engine be updated, but then the library of supported constraints must be re-implemented to support the new type. In this paper, we attempt to ease this second step. We describe a system for automatically deriving a native-code implementation of a global constraint (over novel variable types) from a declarative..

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