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Road to Energy-Efficient Optical Access: GreenTouch Final Results

Sofie Lambert, Prasanth Ananth, Peter Vetter, Ka-Lun Lee, Jie Li, Xin Yin, Hungkei Chow, Jean-Patrick Gelas, Laurent Lefevre, Dominique Chiaroni, Bart Lannoo, Mario Pickavet

Journal of Optical Communications and Networking | OPTICAL SOC AMER | Published : 2016


The growing energy footprint of communication networks has raised concern about the sustainability of future network development. The GreenTouch consortium was founded to help counter this trend by developing and integrating green network technologies from the access to the core. In order to evaluate these technologies, an end-to-end network power model was developed in the form of the Green Meter, a tool to assess the overall impact and overall energy efficiency benefits of an entire portfolio of solutions. In this paper, we describe the methodology of the Green Meter for the residential fixed access portion, which was extended to include metro aggregation. A baseline architecture for optic..

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