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Predicting shifts in rainfall-runoff partitioning during multiyear drought: Roles of dry period and catchment characteristics

Margarita Saft, Murray C Peel, Andrew W Western, Lu Zhang



While the majority of hydrological prediction methods assume that observed interannual variability explores the full range of catchment response dynamics, recent cases of prolonged climate drying suggest otherwise. During the ∼decade-long Millennium drought in south-eastern Australia significant shifts in hydrologic behavior were reported. Catchment rainfall-runoff partitioning changed from what was previously encountered during shorter droughts, with significantly less runoff than expected occurring in many catchments. In this article, we investigate the variability in the magnitude of shift in rainfall-runoff partitioning observed during the Millennium drought. We re-evaluate a large range..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council Future Fellowship

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Anne Van Loon and two anonymous reviewers for comments and suggestions that improved the paper. Murray Peel is the recipient of an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship (FT120100130). We thank Jai Vaze for providing streamflow and catchment data and Fangfang Zhao for sharing rainfall data. Source rainfall and PET data were extracted from SILO database ( Streamflow data are publicly available from the relevant state government agencies online.