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Development and validation of a seizure initiated drug delivery system for the treatment of epilepsy

Rikky Muller, Zhilian Yue, Sara Ahmadi, Winston Ng, Willo M Grosse, Mark J Cook, Gordon G Wallace, Simon E Moulton



Delivery of small dosages of anti-epileptic drug (AED) directly into the brain from implantable degradable polymers has been reported to alleviate epilepsy activity in a GAERS animal model, however this system delivers a continuous dose of AED to the brain. We describe here the development of an active drug delivery system whereby AED delivery is initiated by the onset of an epileptic event and controlled by a custom hardware device. The system is comprised of an electrocortigographic (ECoG) data receiver, computational hardware, and a drug delivery component. The system initiates the release of an AED from an electrically conductive polymer when a seizure biomarker is detected above a pre-s..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence Scheme

Awarded by ARC under Australian Laureate Fellowship scheme

Funding Acknowledgements

Funding from the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence Scheme (Project Number CE 140100012) and the McKenzie Postdoctoral Fellowship are gratefully acknowledged. GGW is grateful to the ARC for support under the Australian Laureate Fellowship scheme (FL110100196). The authors also wish to acknowledge the design and fabrication facilities accessed through the Australian National Fabrication Facilities (ANFF) Materials Node. Dr Stephen Beirne and Dr Patricia Hayes are thanked for their assistance in figure preparation, instrument set up and process optimization respectively.