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Is angiotensinogen a good candidate gene for preeclampsia?

AN Wilton, JA Kaye, G Guo, SP Brennecke, DW Cooper

Hypertension in Pregnancy | Published : 1995


Objective: To test the hypothesis that variants in the angiotensinogen gene are a major genetic cause of preeclampsia (PE). Methods: Ten families with a high incidence of PE were typed for alleles at a microsatellite repeat within the angiotensinogen gene (AGT). Logarithm of odds (LODs) scores were used to examine for cosegregation of AGT alleles with the disease under several models of inheritance. Both recessive and dominant modes of inheritance with penetrances ranging from 0.9 to 0.5 were considered for a range of disease gene frequencies. A model-independent analysis, affected pedigree member method (AFFPED), was also used. Results: There was no indication of cosegregation between preec..

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