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Effect of both ultraviolet B irradiation and histamine receptor function on allergic responses to an inhaled antigen

Jacqueline P McGlade, Shelley Gorman, Jason C Lenzo, Jamie W Tan, Takeshi Watanabe, John J Finlay-Jones, Wayne R Thomas, Prue H Hart

The Journal of Immunology | AMER ASSOC IMMUNOLOGISTS | Published : 2007


Exposure of skin to UVB radiation (290-320 nm) modulates the immune system, with most studies showing a suppression of Th1-driven immune responses. This study investigated the effects of UVB on Th2-associated immune responses using a murine model of allergic respiratory inflammation. C57BL/6, histamine receptor-1 knockout (H1RKO), and histamine receptor-2 knockout (H2RKO) mice were exposed to a single 4 kJ/m(2) dose of UVB (twice a minimal edemal dose) on shaved dorsal skin 3 days before intranasal sensitization with papain, a cysteine protease homologue of the dust mite allergen Der p 1. H1RKO mice demonstrated enhanced papain-specific inflammatory responses in the lung-draining lymph nodes..

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