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A New Post Occupancy Evaluation Tool for Assessing the Indoor Environment Quality of Learning Environments

P Soccio

Evaluating Learning Environments Snapshots of Emerging Issues, Methods and Knowledge | SENSE PU | Published : 2016


The EduTool:IEQ is an evaluation tool that provides succinct and targeted information about the indoor environment quality (IEQ) of learning environments. It is suitable for the multidisciplinary groups involved in commissioning, designing, constructing, operating, maintaining and occupying school facilities. IEQ is an environmental issue concerned with the levels of lighting, thermal comfort, air quality and acoustics inside a space. In a school context, IEQ performance is important, as poor IEQ can trigger health and learning difficulties for students and adversely impact on the wellbeing of educators and their students. The EduTool:IEQ assesses and quantifies the performance of 16 IEQ com..

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