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MR atlas of the baboon brain for functional neuroimaging.

Phil J Greer, Victor L Villemagne, James Ruszkiewicz, Angela K Graves, Carolyn Cidis Meltzer, Chester A Mathis, Julie C Price

Brain Research Bulletin | Published : 2002


Mathematical co-registration of functional image data (e.g., positron emission tomography, PET) to anatomical magnetic resonance (MR) imaging data allows for objective associations between function and anatomy. Baboons are often used as non-human primate models for functional neuroimaging studies. In this work, a digital MR-based high-resolution atlas of the baboon brain was generated and evaluated for PET. The atlas was generated from six SPGR-MR datasets (centered at mid-sagittal line, AC-PC orientation) that were transformed into the space of one representative MR, averaged and resampled into PET space. The atlas was evaluated by comparing blood flow and dopamine receptor and serotonin tr..

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