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Loss of D2 receptor binding with age in rhesus monkeys: importance of correction for differences in striatal size.

ED Morris, SI Chefer, MA Lane, RF Muzic, DF Wong, RF Dannals, JA Matochik, AA Bonab, VL Villemagne, SJ Grant, DK Ingram, GS Roth, ED London

Cerebrovascular and Brain Metabolism Reviews | Published : 1999


The relation between striatal dopamine D2 receptor binding and aging was investigated in rhesus monkeys with PET. Monkeys (n = 18, 39 to 360 months of age) were scanned with 11C-raclopride; binding potential in the striatum was estimated graphically. Because our magnetic resonance imaging analysis revealed a concomitant relation between size of striatum and age, the dynamic positron emission tomography (PET) data were corrected for possible partial volume (PV) artifacts before parameter estimation. The age-related decline in binding potential was 1% per year and was smaller than the apparent effect if the age-related change in size was ignored. This is the first in vivo demonstration of a de..

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