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7. Survey of Results of Whole Body Imaging Using the PET/CT at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center PET Facility.

M Martinelli, D Townsend, C Meltzer, V Villemagne

Clin Positron Imaging | Published : 2000


Purpose: At the University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center, over 100 oncology studies have been performed using a combined PET/CT scanner. The scanner is a prototype, which combines clinical PET and clinical CT imaging in a single unit. The sensitivity achieved using three-dimensional PET imaging as well as the use of the CT for attenuation correction and image fusion make the device ideal for clinical oncology. Clinical indications imaged on the PET/CT scanner include, but are not limited to, tumor staging, solitary pulmonary nodule evaluation, and evaluation of tumor reoccurrence in melanoma, lymphoma, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, head and neck cancer, and renal cancer.M..

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