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Standardization of Administered Activities in Pediatric Nuclear Medicine: A Report of the First Nuclear Medicine Global Initiative Project, Part 1-Statement of the Issue and a Review of Available Resources

Frederic H Fahey, Henry Hee-Seong Bom, Arturo Chiti, Yun Young Choi, Gang Huang, Michael Lassmann, Norman Laurin, Fernando Mut, Rodolfo Nunez-Miller, Darin O'Keeffe, Prasanta Pradhan, Andrew M Scott, Shaoli Song, Nischal Soni, Mayuki Uchiyama, Luis Vargas

Journal of Nuclear Medicine | SOC NUCLEAR MEDICINE INC | Published : 2015


The Nuclear Medicine Global Initiative (NMGI) was formed in 2012 and consists of 13 international organizations with direct involvement in nuclear medicine. The underlying objectives of the NMGI were to promote human health by advancing the field of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, encourage global collaboration in education, and harmonize procedure guidelines and other policies that ultimately lead to improvements in quality and safety in the field throughout the world. For its first project, the NMGI decided to consider the issues involved in the standardization of administered activities in pediatric nuclear medicine. This article presents part 1 of the final report of this initial..

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