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Hiatal hernia on whole-body radioiodine survey mimicking metastatic thyroid cancer.

JA Schneider, CR Divgi, AM Scott, HA Macapinlac, M Sonenberg, SJ Goldsmith, SM Larson

Clin Nucl Med | Published : 1993


Total body I-131 scanning done on a 67-year-old woman with thyroid cancer revealed abnormal tracer uptake within the mid-thorax, thought to represent metastasis in the mediastinum or thoracic spine. Single-photon emission computed tomography images of the thorax showed contiguity between the thoracic uptake and the normal, physiologic uptake of radioiodine in the stomach, suggesting physiologic accumulation within a hiatal hernia. To confirm the alimentary tract location of the radioiodine, a study using orally administered Tc-99m SC in water was performed. The images were similar to the iodine images and revealed a pattern consistent with hiatal hernia. A hiatal hernia was also observed as ..

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