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Comparing wobble board and jump-landing training effects on knee and ankle movement discrimination.

G Waddington, H Seward, T Wrigley, N Lacey, R Adams

Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport | Published : 2000


The effects of two training programs on movement discrimination ability, at the ankle and knee, were assessed from the left and right lower limbs of forty-four football players. All players in three Under 18 Victorian Football League (VFL) squads were allocated to either wobble board training, jump landing training, or no-training conditions. Pre-tests to assess discrimination of extent for active movements made while standing were carried out on both ankles and knees of all subjects, using an automated device to accurately set the different movement stop points. Five distances were used, between 10.5 degrees and 14.5 degrees from horizontal for ankle inversion, and between 30.3 degrees and ..

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