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Multiple sclerosis in Latin America: A different disease course severity? A collaborative study from the MSBase Registry

JI Rojas, L Patrucco, M Trojano, A Lugaresi, G Izquierdo, H Butzkueven, V Jokubaitis, P Duquette, M Girard, F Grand'Maison, P Grammond, C Oreja-Guevara, R Hupperts, C Boz, T Petersen, R Bergamaschi, G Giuliani, J Lechner-Scott, M Barnett, ME Rio Show all

Multiple Sclerosis Journal: Experimental, Translational and Clinical | Sage Publications | Published : 2015


Limited data suggest that multiple sclerosis (MS) in Latin America (LA) could be less severe than in the rest of the world. The objective was to compare the course of MS between LA and other regions. METHODS: Centers from 18 countries with >20 cases enrolled in the MSBase Registry participated. Patients with MS with a disease duration of >1 year and <30 years at time of EDSS measurement were evaluated. The MS Severity Score (MSSS) was used as a measure of disease progression. Comparisons among regions (North America, Europe, Australia and LA), hemispheres and countries were performed. RESULTS: A total of 9610 patients were included. Patients were from: Europe, 6290 (65.6%); N..

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