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Anticariogenic complexes of amorphous calcium phosphate stabilized by casein phosphopeptides: a review.

EC Reynolds

Spec Care Dentist | Published : 1998


Using laboratory, animal, and human in situ caries models, investigators have shown that casein phosphopeptide amorphous calcium phosphate complexes (CPP-ACP) exhibit an anticariogenic activity. The casein phosphopeptides (CPP) are produced from a tryptic digest of the milk protein casein by aggregation with calcium phosphate and purification by ultrafiltration. The CPP have a remarkable ability to stabilize calcium phosphate in solution and substantially increase the level of calcium phosphate in dental plaque. Through their multiple phosphoseryl residues, the CPP bind to forming clusters of amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) in metastable solution, preventing their growth to the critical si..

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