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Neuronal number and volume alterations in the neocortex of HIV infected individuals.

IP Everall, PJ Luthert, PL Lantos

J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry | Published : 1993


Substantial neuronal loss in the superior frontal gyrus in patients who have died of AIDS have been reported previously. This investigation examined the distribution of neuronal loss in three other neocortical areas and, alteration in neuronal volume in four neocortical areas. This was carried out using two stereological probes, the "disector" and the "nucleator". These recently developed methods provide estimations, regardless of size and shape, in real three-dimensional space, and are more efficient than conventional quantitation. The study was performed on 12 HIV infected individuals and nine controls. The HIV group had no neuropathological evidence of opportunistic infections or neoplasm..

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