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Neuropathology of early HIV-1 infection.

F Gray, F Scaravilli, I Everall, F Chretien, S An, D Boche, H Adle-Biassette, L Wingertsmann, M Durigon, B Hurtrel, F Chiodi, J Bell, P Lantos

Brain Pathology | Published : 1996


Early HIV-1 invasion of the central nervous system has been demonstrated by many cerebrospinal fluid studies; however, most HIV-1 carriers remain neurologically unimpaired during the so called "asymptomatic" period lasting from seroconversion to symptomatic AIDS. Therefore, neuropathological studies in the early pre-AIDS stages are very few, and the natural history of central nervous system changes in HIV-1 infection remains poorly understood. Examination of brains of asymptomatic HIV-1 positive individuals who died accidentally and of rare cases with acute fatal encephalopathy revealing HIV infection, and comparison with experimental simian immunodeficiency virus and feline immunodeficiency..

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