Conference Proceedings

SOUND, SHADOW AND LIGHT: generating the experience of a natural environment

P ALSOP, A Borda, J Williams, C Soddu (ed.), E Colabella (ed.)

GENERATIVE ART 2016 | Generative Design Lab, Politecnico di Milano University, Italy Generative Art Lab, Domus Argenia | Published : 2016


Sound, Shadow and Light is a generative program that seeks to replicate the visual and aural experience of a natural environment in a designed space that responds to the inhabitants of that space. In a natural environment there are opposing senses of intimacy and expanse, bounded only by the horizon. While each natural environment may have different or unique elements in it, Sound, Shadow and Light explores the hypothesis that just a few of these elements may create a sense, or experience, of being in a natural environment. It will do this by defining and then distilling the prototypical elements of an environment to form an essence, a small set of events that may be influenced by the inhabi..

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