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Does Obfuscating Excessive CEO Pay Work? The Influence of Remuneration Report Readability on Say-on-Pay Votes

R Hooghiemstra, Y KUANG, B Qin

Accounting and Business Research | Taylor and Francis | Published : 2017


This paper assesses whether reducing ‘readability’ is an effective obfuscation strategy for influencing the level of shareholder say-on-pay voting dissent in firms with excessive CEO pay. Based on a sample of UK-listed firms, our results indicate that in cases of excessive CEO pay, a less readable remuneration report is associated with reduced say-on-pay voting dissent. However, the effect of the obfuscation strategy diminishes as institutional ownership increases. Using obscurely written remuneration reports may even backfire (i.e. associated with increased voting dissent) when a firm’s majority shares are held by institutional investors. Our results are robust to controlling for compensati..

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