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Photodissociation of (N2)n clusters (2≤n≤7): Branching ratios for formation of Nn and N4 , and N2 fragment vibrational excitation

EJ Bieske

The Journal of Chemical Physics | Published : 1993


Dynamical processes accompanying the photofragmentation of (N 2)n+ clusters (n=3-6) have been investigated. Branching ratios for the formation of N2+ and N 4+ photoproducts have been determined at wavelengths spanning the continuous absorption of the chromophore N4+ (630, 532, 396, 315, and 266 nm). In addition, the fraction of N 2+ photofragments in excited vibrational states has been found using the monitor gas technique, whereby vibrationally excited N 2+ molecules readily exchange charge with Ar buffer gas, and molecules in the v=0 state do not. For a given sized cluster, as the photon energy increases, there is a trend towards a larger proportion of N 2+ compared to N4+ fragments and a ..

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