Journal article

Connecting epithelial polarity, proliferation and cancer in Drosophila: the many faces of Igl loss of function

Daniela Grifoni, Francesca Froldi, Annalisa Pession

The International Journal of Developmental Biology | UNIV BASQUE COUNTRY UPV-EHU PRESS | Published : 2013


Awarded by Associazione ltaliana di Ricerca sul Cancro (AIRC)

Awarded by Fondazione CaRisBO

Funding Acknowledgements

Work in our laboratory is supported by the "Associazione ltaliana di Ricerca sul Cancro (AIRC, IG 12093) and by the "Fondazione CaRisBO" (2011/0697). DG is supported by a Research Fellowship from Dipartimento di Farmacia e Biotecnologie, University of Bologna. We thank anonymous reviewers for useful comments, Patrizia Romani for critical reading of the manuscript and Fabrizio Pastori for help with graphics.