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Predicting recovery from head injury in young children: a prospective analysis.

VA Anderson, SA Morse, G Klug, C Catroppa, F Haritou, J Rosenfeld, L Pentland

Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society | Published : 1997


It has been argued that young children's brains are "plastic," and may sustain substantial brain insult with little loss of function. Recent research suggests that this notion may not apply for generalized cerebral pathology. The present study aimed to evaluate this proposition using a sample of 73 young children, divided into 3 groups: severe head injury (HI; N = 17); mild-moderate HI (N = 32); and noninjured controls (N = 24). Preinjury screening established equivalence across groups for age, sex, preinjury ability, behavioral adjustment, socioeconomic status, and family functioning. Children were evaluated as soon as possible postinjury, and again 12 months postinjury, in three domains: i..

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