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Releasing the Genomic RNA Sequestered in the Mumps Virus Nucleocapsid

Chelsea Severin, James R Terrell, James R Zengel, Robert Cox, Richard K Plemper, Biao He, Ming Luo

Journal of Virology | American Society for Microbiology | Published : 2016


ABSTRACT In a negative-strand RNA virus, the genomic RNA is sequestered inside the nucleocapsid when the viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase uses it as the template for viral RNA synthesis. It must require a conformational change in the nucleocapsid protein (N) to make the RNA accessible to the viral polymerase during this process. The structure of an empty mumps virus (MuV) nucleocapsid-like particle was determined to 10.4-Å resolution by cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) image reconstruction. By modeling the crystal structure of parainfluenza virus 5 into the density, it was shown that the α-helix close to the RNA became flexible when RNA was removed. Point mutations in this heli..

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