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Time scale modeling for consensus in sparse directed networks with time-varying topologies

S Martin, IC Morărescu, D Nešić

2016 IEEE 55th Conference on Decision and Control (CDC) | IEEE | Published : 2016


The paper considers the consensus problem in large networks represented by time-varying directed graphs. A practical way of dealing with large-scale networks is to reduce their dimension by collapsing the states of nodes belonging to densely and intensively connected clusters into aggregate variables. It will be shown that under suitable conditions, the states of the agents in each cluster converge fast toward a local agreement. Local agreements correspond to aggregate variables which slowly converge to consensus. Existing results concerning the time-scale separation in large networks focus on fixed and undirected graphs. The aim of this work is to extend these results to the more general ca..

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Awarded by project Computation Aware Control Systems (COMPACS) - ANR

Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

The work of S. Martin and I.-C. Morarescu was supported by project PEPS MoMIS MADRES and PEPS INS2I CONAS funded by the CNRS and project Computation Aware Control Systems (COMPACS), ANR-13-BS03-004 funded by ANR. The work of D. Nesie was supported by the Australian Research Council under the Discovery Project DP1094326.