Book Chapter

Colorectal cancer

Alex Boussioutas, Stephen Fox, Iris Nagtegaal, Alexander Heriot, Jonathan Knowles, Michael Michael, Sam Ngan, Kathryn Field, John Zalcberg

Oxford Textbook of Oncology | Oxford University Press | Published : 2016


This chapter covers colorectal cancer, and includes information on epidemiology, risk factors (chronic inflammation/inflammatory bowel disease, radiation, diet and lifestyle, post cholecystectomy, diabetes, obesity and insulin resistance, cigarette smoking, alcohol, ureterocolic anastamosis, and genetic risk factors, screening, and chemoprevention (aspirin, and NSAIDS), the molecular biology and pathology of colorectal cancer, colorectal carcinoma (location, pathologic prognostic markers, and predictive markers), surgical management (colonic cancer and inflammatory bowel disease, hereditary non-polyposis colonic cancer or HNPCC, presenting as an emergency, treatment of polyp or early cancers..

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