Conference Proceedings

Turbulent Pulsatile Pipe Flow with Multiple Modes of Oscillation

WX Chen, C Chin, N HUTCHINS, EKW Poon, A Ooi

Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society | Published : 2016


This study numerically investigates turbulent pipe flow driven by a pulsating pressure gradient. While studies of laminar and turbulent pulsatile pipe flow with a single mode of oscillating pressure gradient have been carried out extensively, there is scarce literature on pulsating pressure gradients with multiple temporal Fourier modes. In many real-life engineering applications, for example, the arterial systems, multiple Fourier modes are often required for an accurate representation of the driving force. In this paper, direct numerical simulations are carried out to simulate turbulent pulsatile pipe flow driven by a pressure gradient with 2 Fourier oscillating modes whose mean and extrem..

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