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Developing turbulent boundary layers with spanwise periodic trips

R Baidya, CM de Silva, Y Huang, L Castillo, I Marusic, N HUTCHINS

Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society | Published : 2016


Our work builds on the investigation of Marusic et al. [7] who examined the streamwise evolution of a turbulent boundary layer from different types of spanwise homogeneous trips. Here we introduce a spanwise three dimensionality at the trip by employing a series of miniature vortex generators placed immediately downstream of the original spanwise homogeneous trip in a high Reynolds number boundary layer facility. The resultant modified boundary layer is surveyed using hot-wire anemometry to examine its streamwise evolution. Further, a series of targeted Particle Image Velocimetry measurements are conducted to examine the modified structural composition of the flow. The results exhibit the pr..

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