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Sensitivity of Instability Mechanisms to Trailing-Edge Boundary Conditions in High-pressure Turbine Flows


Proceedings of the 20th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference, AFMC 2016 | Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society | Published : 2016


Multi-dimensional linear stability analyses were conducted using forced compressible Navier–Stokes simulations. The base flows were obtained from a previously conducted direct numerical simulation of a high-pressure turbine vane at Re = 0.57 × 10 and M = 0.9, and from an additional two-dimensional simulation of the same configuration with trailing-edge blowing. The latter case does not exhibit pressure waves originating from the trailing edge impinging on the suction side of the adjacent blade. For the case without trailing-edge blowing, the temporal pulse response reveals the presence of an acoustic feedback loop with amplitude increasing quickly over time. It is also found that the base f..

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