Conference Proceedings

An experimental study on mechanical behaviour of siltstone under brine saturation

WAM Wanniarachchi, PG Ranjith, MSA Perera, J Zhao, MHNDP Wickramarathne

Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering: From the Past to the Future | Published : 2016


Hydro-fracturing process depends on many surrounding factors including overburden stress, confinement, injection flow rate, strength of rock, saturation medium, degree of saturation and mineral composition of the rock. Apart from these, in-situ mechanical properties of the reservoir also highly influences the fracking process, which however may significantly vary with the pore fluid concentration due to the associated brine-rock interactions creating rock structure re-arrangements. This study has therefore been aimed to investigate the effect of pore fluid (brine) concentration and degree of saturation on mechanical properties of tight reservoir rocks. Siltstone samples obtained from the Eid..

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