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A paradigm shift in the construction of heterobimetallic complexes: synthesis of group 2 & 4 metal-calix[6]arene complexes.

Antonella J Petrella, Donald C Craig, Robert N Lamb, Colin L Raston, Nicholas K Roberts

Dalton Trans | Published : 2004


Deprotonation of calix[6]arenes with barium in methanol followed by the addition of [Ti(OPr(i))(4)] or [Zr(OBu(n))(4)] is effective in the formation of novel dimeric 2:1 barium-titanium(IV)/zirconium(IV) calix[6]arene complexes. In these complexes a central Ti(IV)/Zr(IV) coordinated in the exo-position connects the two calix[6]arenes in the 1,3-alternate conformation, each with an endo-barium sharing common phenolate groups with the titanium/zirconium centre and participating in cation-pi interactions. A homometallic barium calix[6]arene dimer was also prepared wherein the calix[6]arenes are in the 1,3-alternate conformation with each coordinating one endo- and one exo-barium centre. The exo..

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