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Plasmodium Merozoite TRAP Family Protein Is Essential for Vacuole Membrane Disruption and Gamete Egress from Erythrocytes

Daniel Y Bargieri, Sabine Thiberge, Chwen L Tay, Alison F Carey, Alice Rantz, Florian Hischen, Audrey Lorthiois, Ursula Straschil, Pallavi Singh, Shailja Singh, Tony Triglia, Takafumi Tsuboi, Alan Cowman, Chetan Chitnis, Pietro Alano, Jake Baum, Gabriele Pradel, Catherine Lavazec, Robert Menard

CELL HOST & MICROBE | CELL PRESS | Published : 2016


Surface-associated TRAP (thrombospondin-related anonymous protein) family proteins are conserved across the phylum of apicomplexan parasites. TRAP proteins are thought to play an integral role in parasite motility and cell invasion by linking the extracellular environment with the parasite submembrane actomyosin motor. Blood stage forms of the malaria parasite Plasmodium express a TRAP family protein called merozoite-TRAP (MTRAP) that has been implicated in erythrocyte invasion. Using MTRAP-deficient mutants of the rodent-infecting P. berghei and human-infecting P. falciparum parasites, we show that MTRAP is dispensable for erythrocyte invasion. Instead, MTRAP is essential for gamete egress ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

D.Y.B. is supported by a FAPESP grant (2013/13119-6). T. Tsuboi acknowledges JSPS KAKENHI (JP26253026) in Japan. P.A. acknowledges funding from the EU-FP7 grant EVIMalaR (n.242095) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant OPP1040394. J.B. is supported by the Wellcome Trust through an Investigator Award (100993/Z/13/Z). G.P. acknowledges funding by the Priority Programme SPP1580 of the DFG.