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A 3D dual pore-system leaching model. Part 1: Study on fluid flow

Xiuxiu Miao, Guillermo A Narsilio, Aixiang Wu, Baohua Yang



Two scale pore networks are retrieved from computerised tomographic (CT) images of a leaching column based on the detected dual pore-size distribution. The ‘macro-pore’ network is comprised of the void space between ore particles, where the liquid is allowed to flow as in free channels, while the ‘micro-pore’ network resides in the ore particles, through which the flow path can only be achieved by percolation. The dual pore system refers to the porous ore stack, where both macro- and micro-pore networks exist and two different flow patterns prevail. The characterisation of pore networks is carried out firstly by generating finite element geometries and meshes and simultaneously estimating th..

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Awarded by National Natural Science Fund China

Funding Acknowledgements

This work is supported by the National Natural Science Fund China Projects (51304076, 51304011, 51374035) and the State-Sponsored Study Abroad Programs of China Scholarship Council.